Have you ever noticed the way people sparkle when they talk about someone they love? We love that sparkle, and we love turning it into song. It’s been an enormous honor to be able to translate the nuanced and personal ways people love one another into custom songs - so far, we’ve written them for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, births, and in memoriam. Most everyone is moved to tears when they first hear a song written directly to them, and we take those tears as a sign of a job well done.

How it Works

  • We do an extensive interview with you-- getting a feel for who it's for, what style of song would most move them, and then  harvest all the poetic details of your story.
  •  Then we retreat to our studio and write, workshop, record, mix, and master a professionally-produced song straight from your heart to theirs. 

What People Are Saying

You guyyyyyyyssssss!!!! I cannot even express how floored I am by the song you wrote. I cried like a little baby! So funny and also so sweet. The perfect mixture. I am going to listen to it like a thousand times! ♥️”
I cannot stop crying. This song is so tender and beautiful, personal and true. After several listens (besides the cadence of language which I LOVE) is how perfect the tempo is. Having swayed with many a baby, this is the exact rhythm to move in when you are trying to soothe an infant.”
I knew it would be a challenge to make my sister feel loved and special while in quarantine and across the country. Making a custom song for her was the most magical special gift. Everything about the song is beautiful, in its silliness and tenderness. The song is so catchy and so Dana and it helped make her feel so loved and supported. We'll cherish it forever.”
I know J already reached out, but I wanted to also share my thanks. You guys really made something special and it hit something in both of us. I was a little surprised by my own emotional response to playing it for her... it felt like it was coming from me more than I thought it would. So thank you!”
Morgan, Scott! It’s spectacular - I’m totally weepy and joyful listening, you’ve captured so much of A, it’s unmistakably her, and you also included all the depth we needed to make it real, not a nod to what was, but a real celebration of all she is now. There are so many funny moments included, and it’s also so touching. We can’t thank you enough - but to say thank you so much! ”
You did such an amazing job capturing her essence in a song and I could feel how much heart you put into it! I have deep thanks for such a touching gift.” - Jen

A Few Examples...


This is a song written for a newborn (nicknamed "Kaba"). The family went through lots of struggle leading up to the labor, and this song was a gift from the child's Auntie--meant to celebrate the victory of a new life.

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    Kaba 4:12

Lucky Me

This song was written from a daughter to her two parents, to thank them for a lifetime worth of wisdom. They are big church-goers, and so she wanted it in the style of a "worship band." (Notice the line about California Pizza Kitchen--one of their family traditions!)

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One of our first custom songs is called Come Home to Me-- the prompt was to write a song that "overflows with mother nature's love and smiles all the way through..."


Small band recordings (guitars, harmonies, and light percussion) start at $2500. If your soul is ABLAZE about getting one of these and that's out of range, reach out and let's see if we can figure something out. 


Full-band arrangements (guitars, harmonies, percussion, bass, and whatever instruments the song calls for to be it's fullest self!) start at $4500. 

We'd love to hear what you've got in mind!